DO NOT TEXT Introductions
You cannot believe how many cannot comprehend that concept.
you may email or call Madame 9
@ 347-542-0235
I am on NOT on Twitter. I refuse to Log in, too many hoops nowadays.
Calling is the fastest way to reach Me, any time between 9 am and 9 pm is a perfect time to call, leaving a message if I do not pick up is recommended. Please do not text. If I do not pick up, call back, carrying 2 iPhones around is insane, so that #347 always get left on the counter.
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Emailing Me to introduce yourself is the great way to initially introduce yourself if you feel a tad shy about calling.

  • Impress Me or
  • tell me your full name
  • your age ( no one considered under 40)
  • your occupation
  • where you are located
  • a phone number to reach you at is brilliant

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GENERALLY I answer email once every 12-24 hours, generally but not always. Weekends are very hit miss when it comes to calling or answering email.