Big Money Page

Phone Consultations are 15 minutes @ 100.00.

Phone Consultations, Deposits, Apologies and Financial Domination are all done through
https:// www. paypal-cash. com/. I know this link is broken, there is a reason. You need to put in in your browser yourself.

Back to the deposit….This is not a Visa, MasterCard or American Express, it is a thick paper ish thing. All you need to do is go buy the card at your local drugstore and call me. DO NOT PLACE THOSE FUNDS in to your account, you are getting the card for Me to activate/deposit it into My private account, I DO NOT want you to transfer funds from your account to mine, to reiterate that, I do not allow transfers from a clients account into My private paypal account, that allows charge backs to be possible and can cause a heap of poop for Me. This PRE PAID PayPal-CASH Card, this allows you to use your freshly printed cash, which you then trade in at the store for a card that has an activation code that you give to ME! It is all very easy to do and requires little effort. The little effort it does require is worth the fact that there are no trails on your credit card or charge backs. No Fuss no Muss. Do not over think this.

Financial Domination Yes I do this But you need to pay attention… when you call to ask about this have your $100.00 ready to go, if you do not, then be prepared for Me to hang up. Then you can continue wacking off.